Anyone tell how new user how get free bat when he created account on uphold

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those seems to be payments for ads for using brave browser.

But my friends is every day get free bat sometime 31 or 32 when someone sell uphold account

You are going to have to provide more information. If I understand your post, your friend is earning (receiving) BAT on a daily basis in their Uphold account. That is not possible with Brave Rewards. I don’t think even creators get a payout daily.

It would be interesting to see the full text of the notices you displayed and over some other time period than just one day. Even if your friend had 4 different links to their account, it is also strange that they received the exact same amount 4 times.

I am new to Brave and don’t know anything about Uphold, but that screenshot and the information you provided just don’t mesh with my understanding of how Rewards and Creators accounts work.

I explained what this happens I’m created account on uphold and many peoples also same things do it then verify and sell the account to buyer for $5

Buyers access the new account then I don’t what he is do he received bat something 25 or 30 bat and every new account in uphold he get free bat send to real wallet.

I’m at a loss. Sounds like this is not legit activity. I don’t know, maybe I am not understanding what you are talking about. I am new to Brave and the community and it may be something available I just don’t know about. Tagging @Mattches @steeven maybe they will drop in and provide more information.

oh selling accounts, yeah… that’s one of the reasons why our region was banned: