Anyone have issues with Captcha?

I regularly have issues with Captcha, namely that I have to solve 3-4 times as many puzzles, and often even after solving the puzzles the website I am trying to load will say something like “it appears you filled out the captcha wrong please try again”. Is there a patch or add on to fix this?

i have had similar issue too it only occurs with the non google captcha. @Mattches please assist

Please repost (or edit your original post) to reflect the template and guidelines and we’d be more than happy to assist you.

I feel the description is fair enough. :wink:

Hi Mattches,

Thanks for your response. I was checking the webpage you linked over and it didn’t explain how I structure my complaint to avoid disturbing the stick lodged in your lower intestine. Can you help me figure out how to specifically restructure my comment to make sure your standards are met without providing you undue discomfort?

Oh come on, don’t be rude. The template suggests that you should add very important information like what version you’re on, which sites this is happening on, list some examples, take a screenshot or a gif, something, anything.

The reference at the bottom of the page has all the information requested to submit a bug report with all relevant information: