Anyone got advertisements this month ? (1st Sept)

Again ads have stopped for me :rage::expressionless:

After how many ads today?

just an notice about ads

the new ads system check the last 24 hours (note i said the last 24 hours ) if it see in the history that you have 20 ads then you will not get any new tell the system check again and find you have less than those 20 ads in the last 24 hours

so for example if today i start to get ads at 11 am and during the day i got the 20 ads
then tomorow if i open brave at 7 am i will not get any ads and i will start to get ads around 11 am

hope that help and have a nice day

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Stopped after 18 ads :disappointed:

i am not even getting one ad in my andriod phone. :C

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The worst part of it is that the moderators are not saying anything about it either :roll_eyes:

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That is unfair to say. You even aswerd to his reply. @Daddy_yo

Would resetting my brave browser cause me to loose the BATs I have earned?

Not in my case, i did what i’ve metioned a few times now for testing and my BAT’s are still there.
Sure the August is pending but visible and i got respose from others that it also worked for them. I send you a DM.

Reset doesn’t affect rewards?

its true. I still receive ads

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seriously actually they are lucky if they received maybe more than 5 ads in one month sir but honestly our 1.12.113 the currently version in playstore still not accurate to receive ads but since now I am received only 1 ads in this week for existing here in brave browser app. Pls help us.!

that things is going forever here no ads in september and less ads in august everything good until july

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