Anyone else having sudden issues loading sites/logins?



Just started today having rolling problems using Brave on windows 7 pro with login forms on ebay, got an URL error about too many redirects and now my home page will not load at all. Brave has been working great for me for many months so not sure if something is being worked on or what. Anyone having trouble with sites/logins you normally use multiple times a day with no problem? I can load other sites and logins just fine, hoping there’s not some odd censorship going on beyond Brave’s control?


What version of Brave are you on?


Yes, I have for last 2 hrs. So I looked for watcher software to detect; came up download malicious software removal tool 64 bit; Pkg called Windows-KB890830-64-V5 . It got little cliche, so I right clicked and clicked on inspect element. I am 6mos into all this background stuff newbi, Not that I know much but js is saying hidden, invisible. Im guessing they are putting code into Brave so they can snoop??? without being seen. Can someone look at it? Were and how can i send so the community can have look, hopefully it is nothing Dj


looked Brave 0.21.18 V8 6.4.388.41


Sorry about that, Yes new to Forums also.


What’s your operating system? Do you have steps for me to reproduce the bug?


Good question…I don’t know how to find my version of Brave but keep it updated when prompted, comes up as Chrome 64.

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