Any way to synch browser data over multiple OSs on the same device?

I have Windows 7, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 all on one desktop, booting into one at a time via Grub. I have Brave on all three systems, but all my bookmarks and logins are on the Brave instance on Ubuntu. Is there any way I can get the bookmark and login data across to to other Brave instances via a halfway house (a file)? I obviously can’t use Sync as I can only have one OS running at a time.


I am running Brave version 0.69.135 (on Ubuntu)

Hey @judyk,

Sync should tentatively work just fine – give it a shot if you haven’t already!

Thanks Asad

So, I’m guessing that the participating OSs in the chain don’t all need to be running at once - am I right?

If so I will give it a try.

That’s correct, they don’t need to all be running at once :slight_smile: They’ll sync up when you open the application.

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