Any way to find old rewards after you click on the notification?

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I got a promo code for free bitpay card and I thought I memorized it but I keep getting it wrong so I wanna find the reward notification showing the promo code. Any help?

You can go to Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Ads --> 7-day Ads history and view seven days ads you’ve been served within the last week.

I tried doing exactly as you said but it didn’t give me ad history but luckily the same ad popped up and i got the bitpay card :smiley:

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That’s great news but for future references, you can see 7-day ads history here:

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This exact thing just happened to me. Using the iOS app on iPad, received the pop up offering the free Bitpay card, tapped it then followed directions on page to download the app but couldn’t get the free card. I’m also unable to see my ad history to try to redeem it again. Any ideas?

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