Any way to control video quality?

I couldn’t find any settings for the video resolution except for a slider. My laptop only has a 720p camera, but the Brave Talk recordings are at 1080p and rather blurry. Is there any way for me to set it to 720p?

If I record on the laptop (in another app) the video quality is much better. Idk if it’s because of the mismatch between the camera and the recording or bandwidth issues with Brave Talk, or what.

My listeners say that what they see during the meeting is clear, but the recording is fuzzy.

Hi thanks for sharing,

Are you making adjustments to your slider to test if there are any changes to the quality? For example are you sliding for highest quality or best performance?

Right now it is set at “highest quality.” I have not tested the different settings, but I can try that. thanks.

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OK, I tried it. I get the best results from the “highest quality” setting that I was using before. It is still too blurry, though. The other settings are even worse.

I don’t think it’s a bandwidth thing because I have a different setup in my office (desktop + better webcam, still on the same network) that gives much better video quality.

Hi @leeksoup

At this time, I think the quality settings are a bit limited to tweak at the moment.
Testing across Brave Talk and Zoom the video quality is pretty comparable with the same webcam set up I have.

Considering you have a different set up with a separate webcam you might want to account for the quality of the camera.

Thanks, I will do some more testing and report back. I do have at least one recording with the external webcam hooked to the laptop and will compare quality of that with the same webcam on the desktop.

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