Any way for NY resident to send Android rewards to Gemini?

I live in NY so cannot use Uphold. I am about to trade-in my Android phone. It has rewards on it that I would like to keep. My desktop account is verified Gemini. Is there any way at all I can get the rewards from my Android phone over to Gemini, or otherwise save them so I don’t lose them when I turn in the phone?

@mikef as long as it’s not restricted, you just would have to click on My Wallet under brave://rewards/ and then Disconnect from Uphold on your Android. Then it will show Verify as an option, where you’d then connect it to Gemini. At that point it should update and start sending there for future payments just so long as it’s not restricted from all the current laws and all. But if your desktop is setup and you’re receiving things fine, I don’t see where it would be an issue.

I do not see “My Wallet” anywhere under brave://rewards/. (Anything wallet-related seems to take me to the new Brave wallet.) I looked in settings, and in the three dots at bottom of page. Where would I find it? The only option I see is Verify Wallet, and that takes me only to Uphold, which will not verify in NY. To be clear, I have never been able to verify with Uphold, because have always been in NY, since before Gemini was an option. But have linked successfully to Gemini on desktop for a few months. Thanks.

@mikef do you know where it shows your balance? There’s a very teeny tiny drop-down box above that on the left. It’s where you sign out or sign in. If you think of it it’s where the word verify used to be when you had to verify the wallet

And I see now that you are seeing the word verify which means that you’re not logged in the Uphold. Which I should’ve already known since you mentioned not being able to be paid out there due to being in New York. Sorry I had a lapse of judgment and so you just skip that step and you would simply log into Gemini then through Verify

But again I’m an idiot. This tells you that I’ve been awake too long and trying to answer too many things. Gemini for android is coming yet. It’s in development. I don’t know why I’m thinking it should already be here. So again I am sorry that I am saying all sorts of wrong information right now. So the answer now that I can get my head on straight is that there is nothing you can do until they release it. The only exception is if you were a creator, you might be able to tip yourself like on Reddit or something that you would be able to claim on your desktop. I am so sorry for all of that and hopefully that gives the right answer this time. :man_facepalming:

Directly above the words “Your Balance” there is a little dropdown box with an arrow that says Verify Wallet. When I click on it, the only option it gives me is Uphold. Gemini does not seem to be an option on Android, at least for me. I believe I am using the latest version of Brave. If Gemini is truly not (yet) an option on Android, which I think is the case, is there any other way for me to send those rewards to Gemini, or to send them to my desktop account, or to otherwise not lose them before I turn in the phone?

No I just had already edited the post above. Like I said I’m sorry I had my brain going 1,000,000 miles an hour and the advice I gave is generally correct except I didn’t place android as part of the problem and like we said that’s just not there yet. So I do apologize again for the bouncing around but at least I got that correct. And now I’m going to be placing down my phone and try to rest a little bit so I’m not gonna keep doing silly things like I just did while trying to help you.

And as I said about the only other trick on getting it over to yourself would be to create in a creator‘s account and to tip yourself from that. When they’ve talked about it it’s not necessarily against policy but I’ve heard people advising that it can get your accounts flagged so I don’t know what to say on that. But it is the only option at this time.

Ok, thanks for your help.

@mikef Ok, part of me would delete the above, but I don’t know if that would confuse more. I was on my phone while making dinner. So attention wasn’t 100% there and voice to text kept screwing things up. I just sat down at my computer and can give better answers here.

  1. Gemini on Brave is coming soon, it’s part of 1.38. I do believe people said that Brave Nightly, if you want to put it on, is currently on 1.38. Either way, it won’t be too much longer if you can hold out. You can track the status at

  2. Unofficially, if you were a content creator and got Verified, such as with a specific Reddit or YouTube account, then you could tip from your Android to your Desktop. Whether you have issues in doing that is something I’ve seen debated and heard differently on, but Chriscat mentioned in Reddit a while back that it’s not against the rules as long as you’ve not using Promotional Tokens to tip.

Now, off to grab my dinner and the try to relax. Sorry for all the craziness on replies. I’m going to take this as a lesson to myself that I’m not good enough to multitask like that, especially if trying to use my phone for replies. I’m too much of a mouse & keyboard person darn it.

Thanks again for your help. I appreciate it.

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