Any Updates on the vBAT ? or should we just donate it?

@ Saoiray

Hey Hi,

Any updates on the vBAT issue ? Should I like wait or donate it ? Cause I have a lot of vBat and wouldn’t want to see it go poof after April, would be better if someone got it as donation but just wanted to clarify like is it optimistic to be still waiting for any positive news ?

I know you guys are working real hard to get the problem sorted out and appreciate your commitment towards the community .

Any sort of hint would really help. Should we wait or just donate the vBat ?


Just checked the PSA where usually @Saoiray keep us updated, so we don t have to crawl the sites for a credible source. Seems the last update was made on 14th this month, and i am sure if there was any new information, he would gladly shared with all of us.

Meanwhile, you can search here for a favourite creator, don t know how up to date is the source, but comes from brave.


Hey Michael,

Yeah I keep checking that regularly. Seems no new info so just wanted to know whether its most likely that there wouldn’t be any positive news regarding a new wallet.

If so, I just didn’t want the bat to suddenly disappear. I hoped rather donating the thing.

Didn’t want one of those situations where you suddenly donate it and then the very next day you get an update “Hey we got a new wallet”, That’d be a bummer lol…

Anyways Thanks bro…

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Waiting for what?
The changes are very clear in the notice below.
If you have your browser verified with a custodial partner, then you do not need to worry. If you haven’t, or your region is not supported, then the final payment for unverified wallets was already done. You will not get any payout for March rewards. When they do the switch, any vBAT that is still in your balance will be lost.
There’s nothing else to wait for.

It means that there is NO chance for a “unverified user” to see vBAT or BAT in his triangle popup?.

Asking for myself, so that all the topics that get started with this matter, to be avoided.
Thanks @rodrige ! for jumping in.

This is what new unverified profiles show in the triangle. No info about earnings or balance.
I guess, after the switch old profiles will show the same.


Then OP quesrion is just aberration as users after updates his browser, there is nothing.
To clarify, it means that officially vBAT is dead? and no longer can be “donated”?
I am quite confused myself now. lol.

I think it can still be donated while they do not do the switch (which may be coming in the next days). But no more payout to unverified users. February rewards payout was the final one.

Basically Brave gave the full March for users to either verify or donate.
That’s why I do not understand what are some users waiting for. For a miracle?

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If you didn t updated your browser, you may still see the old popup , and maybe is still functional.
Chances are that the tip doesn t go trough, and eventually all will be lost.

P.S yea… the “hope” seems to keep people on.

Yeah!! So guess it’s donate then… Damn 500 vBat lol … Was fun while it lasted thou…

Negative. They have been quiet on it overall. All I know is Luke promised on Community Call that they learned their lesson from little fiasco not too long ago and that we’ll be given “plenty of notice” before they make changes. I didn’t push to ask what timeframe of notice it would be, as it might just be a week or it could be a month. In any case, they should put official announcements ahead of time so nothing is lost and people have time to be able to tip. Well, that’s if we take him at his word.

I’m going to be shameless here, but if ever feel up to it, definitely would be appreciated if you wanted to toss to me. Can do it via my Twitter or on my Reddit. I stay broke and don’t get paid for any of this. So if you or others don’t have a favorite Creator you want to support, I’ll definitely be appreciative of any BAT sent my way.

In terms of what Brave has shared, I’d say keep waiting and we’ll see what happens. I know they are working on things and they make it sound like some is “right around the corner.” The only issue is their “soon” and “right around the corner” tends to be months or years away in many cases. But that’s their official reply.

However, based on conversations I’ve had and my own observations, I’m in the mindset that it’s like 80% likely that they won’t be adding in any new regions before they end up sunsetting vBAT. If you had asked me a few weeks ago, I would have been like 95% certain.

What that means is there’s a chance they’ll pull something off, but overall I’m personally betting it isn’t going to happen. Kind of a situation of “hoping for the best but expecting the worst.”


@Saoiray HHAha…Yeah man another 3 days and its all yours…

You do an excellent job in the forum … I see your timely replies and support everywhere. They should just make you the head of customer support or something. Shame on them actually…

I’ll just transfer the vBat to you man… Pleasures mine…

Regards, (Have a great day)


Unfortunately, from Android (desktop site on/off) impossible to tip you.
It is know as issue, and is suggested to recommend user use Desktop version .
And actually, is not a shame in the context, if you see the OP, has started the topic mentioning you. :heart_hands:
And it was a kind of explicit the rhetorical subject.
+1 Respect from me for your diplomacy !

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