Any update on Gemini linking issues and rerunning payments?

Bro can I ask something?

You just did, but yeah, what’s up?

Bro you know about brave rewards internals?

I want to check is there any abnormality in mine?

I do not. So sorry! Best to DM the admins.

I have messaged them but they don’t reply?

Thanks for reaching out,

Here is an update regarding the Gemini maintenance…


please check your dm

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I am still not getting any ads or rewards since I connected my wallet to Gemini in October of 2021. When I verified and connected my wallet to Gemini, my funds went from Brave to Gemini. I received 1 payment to Gemini in November which were rewards earned in October.

However, I haven’t been getting ads or anymore payments since then. I went through all troubleshooting steps of enabling rewards, etc etc…

Why don’t I get ads anymore?

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