Any update about disallowed user rewards on iOS?

Apple says no payout to Brave users on iOS. I’ve since turned off Brave ads on those devices because I do not get a cut, which I was previously happy to use for tips.

Any progress in dialogue with Apple? Please do not keep us in the dark. Progress here factors into my purchase decision when considering a next mobile device.

I’m deleting brave on my phone and hopefully selling the few bat I got from Coinbase education program! I’ll not support a company that won’t support its customers! I had told several people about getting this brave set up to earn some bat!! Now I’ve got to take it all back and will not waste any more time on this site that doesn’t respect or compensate our time. Such a great model for a crypto! I wonder who is going to figure it out and create an awesome crypto for compensating people for time spent!

It’s not like its their fault for this situation. I’s Apples for being too controlling.


I guess there hasn’t given there has been no response

We’re not keeping anyone in the dark, nor are we – as a company – taking anything away from users. We are simply adhering to the rules and regulations required of us in order to have Brave available to iOS users. Further:

We both respect you and compensate you for your time (Rewards) on all platforms in which we are legally allowed to do so. This is not a situation where we “decided not to give iOS users Rewards”, we are just doing what is necessary – it was not a fun decision to make.

We go into the details at length in the official blog post here:

I turned off my iOS brave rewards.

Even if you don’t tell us how much BAT we’d collected, nor let us control how you are distributing the money, but at least tell us WHO you’re donating it to!

There’s no transparency and no accountability in Brave.

What are you talking about?

  1. iOS users can’t participate in Brave Rewards because of APPLE’s decision, not Brave’s.
  2. What money do you think they are distributing that they should let you control?
  3. What money do you think they are donating?

It’s not about transparency or accountability. Apparently you don’t know anything about how Brave Rewards works.

Apple made their decision not to allow iOS users to participate in Brave Rewards. There’s no dialogue. No one is in the dark. If you don’t like what Apple is doing, maybe choose an Android phone next time.

Am I still earning them if they are on?

If so is it whether apple allows me to collect them?

cause I want to move them to laptop.

No, you’re not earning anything. And even if you were, you couldn’t move them to another device. There was a one-time offer to let people move BAT to another device after Apple announced their decision, but the deadline for doing that was 21 May 2021.

You didn’t even read and are just blindly defending Brave and your hate for Apple.

  1. Brave are still giving BAT to iOS users. This is perfectly fine.
  2. iOS users are unable to withdraw that money. This is Apple’s problem.
  3. Brave doesn’t tell us how much BAT they’ve collected on our behalf. This is not fine.
  4. Brave doesn’t let us determine which content creator should benefit based on the BAT we accumulated. This is not fine
  5. Brave doesn’t tell us which content creator they donated to on our behalf, if at all. This is not fine

Have you ever seen a fund custodian do anything without telling us what they did with the money? Had Brave even donated the money to any content creators at all? Who are they to decide which content creator benefits, or is it all a giant collusion?

Let me perhaps make the intent of my original post more clear.

Currently with my iPhone, I am not incentivised to participate in what I believe to be a better business model for the web as long as I am prevented from being a direct stakeholder - ie receiving and tipping BAT at my own discretion.

I am more than willing to replace my iPhone with an Android phone next obsolescence cycle if Apple does not permit the business model I want to support.

Are you currently in discussion with Apple about reinstating the BAT model?

How are these discussions progressing?

How likely is it that BAT will be fully reinstated on iOS?

There are substitution barriers that will come with shifting digital living across platforms and I am will to stick with Apple if there are signs suggesting progress. I dont see Apple ever talking about this and so far no real updates about what is ongoing from Brave. My decision is sort of reduced to a gamble without being informed. I’d hate to switch only for one month later, BAT being reinstated…

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  1. Brave is NOT giving BAT to iOS users. Period. End of story.

Do we get BAT if we are on laptop?

Apple is not discussing this with Brave AT ALL. They made their decision and they’re sticking with it. That’s why you’re not hearing any signs of progress from Brave.

On laptop, yes. Even macOS.

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Unless I am mistaken, on iOS with Rewards enabled:

-users are not receiving payouts
-content creators are receiving payouts based on the users’ visits but it is not reported anywhere

From the article linked by Mattches above:

Brave users who had opted into our Brave Rewards system could give their BAT to a verified creator and support their content via a feature we call Tipping, but going forward this won’t be possible on iOS.

So, no, Brave users on iOS can no longer tip content creators. Brave is trying to make up for it by donating (generically) to verified content creators, but it has nothing to do with visits from iOS users of Brave. You can still see the ads, which helps Brave, but you won’t receive any rewards from it, and the content creators who receive the donations are chosen at random, not based on users’ visits.

Lots of talk going on here and it’s getting a bit out of hand. I’d like to clarify the finer points here:

  1. On iOS, due to Apple’s rules and guidelines, users will not be able to earn Rewards through Brave in the way they are accustomed to on other platforms. Most of you here seem to understand this particular point well enough, but I want to make sure everything is crystal clear.

  2. Regarding whether or not Rewards are accumulating at all, the official blog post states:

    “however, each month Brave will strive to support verified websites with BAT donations in order to keep funding great content. Our hope is that our iOS users will continue to opt into Brave Ads, as revenue from those will help us support the aforementioned creators.”

    What this means is that by continuing to opt into Ads on iOS devices, BAT will accrue and be contributed to the same way auto-contributions work on other platforms; that is, any accrued BAT is automatically contributed (anonymously) proportionally to any verified Creator sites/channels that you’ve visited.

TL;DR – iOS users who opt-into Rewards continue to view Brave Ads and accrue BAT. The major difference with iOS is that accrued BAT is “auto-contributed” to verified Creator sites/channels you’ve visited during the month. While Apple’s guidelines prevent Brave Rewards you from personally claiming earned BAT, Rewards users are able to utilize BAT to support Creators.

Please let me know if any of the above is still unclear.


Thanks for the clarification, @Mattches. Just one other question: The previously announced deadline for iOS users to transfer their remaining BAT (from before Apple’s announcement) to another device was 21 May 2021. Has that changed?