Any ideas why I have 155 BAT rewards but only 35 BAT have transferred to Uphold?

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Would be grateful if you guys could help!

I believe that this is actually a known issue that the team is already addressing:

Thanks for your reply but this seems to be about “an issue where the Brave Rewards wallet balance… suddenly appears to decrease.” It’s not really the same thing as far as I can see. Any other ideas?

@Blue2 did all BAT on your brave:rewards wallet is from Ads earning? Or from free grants too?

@eljuno All from Ads earnings

This is actually a known issue right now – many other users are reporting the same thing:

The team is already aware of the issue and working on a solution presently.

I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I verified my wallet recently (week or so ago), though I’m pretty sure some BAT disappeared. Not much can be done about it now I suspect.

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