Any details about Publisher integrated ads?



I noticed the term “publisher integrated ads” in the latest blog post from Brave.

As a publisher I’m really curious about this. Are there any more details available? Will this be a system reserved only for the top 50 publishers, or can small publishers join in on this too?

How will it work? Do publishers include a <ins class="brave-ads"></ins> element on their pages? or will Brave seek out and replace existing <ins class="adsbygoogle"></ins> units?



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I’m pretty sure more information about this will be available when it’s “ready”.



Sure. But an indication of how this will work would be greatly appreciate. Especially regarding participation of smaller publishers.



Hi 2da, at least in the base case, you will not need to put a new tag or element into your webpage/DOM. You can imagine that the browser itself will overlay a banner on top of your content, or will inject the ad into the DOM based on other tags already in your page.

In general, there should be no manual tag insertion required on your part, though we may make that possible for publishers who’d like more fine-grained control. The best answer now is that more information will come out when we release our Brave Ads whitepaper.

Thank you for your interest in our ads system. We are very excited to roll it out.

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