Any chance on adding litecoin to payments?


With bitcoin fees at all time high, I’m rather reluctant to spend $5 as a fee to add another $5 to my balance.

Instead, I’d love to fund my account in litecoin. Litecoin is fast and the fees are some of the lowest

Do you guys have any plans on adding this protocol to possible funding sources?


I would like to second this suggestion. Bitgo is adding support for Litecoin and coinbase already allows LTC purchases. All systems are go, so it should be a straight forward integration. With the low fees and faster transactions. Litecoin is ideal for this platform.


this is marshall rose from brave software. we plan to be adding a new mechanism “very soon” that will return to the old fee structure. however, we plan to move from BTC to BAT later this year, cf., later this year.

LTC is a solid alternative to BTC, but the timing won’t work out for an addition.




Jaxx wallet has an extension for Chrome. Litecoin may be able to be ShapeShift-ed into BAT when they support that coin.


Just adding my support to the thread. I would also like to avoid using BTC here. I have my BAT tokens ready to go. Looking forward to that integration.


Closing things up here as mrose laid out the answer.

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