Any Brave install options?


Just giving Brave a try and wondered if there were any install/setup options like, install to location of my choice and portable type install, I do not want it using my C:\ drive at all.
Win 10 64 bit, Brave 0.23.105




Are the install options command line or something as the installer I got did not pause for any input.
I have a fairly small SSD as primary drive and it is getting quite full so would like to install all files to secondary, preferably including everything from appdata\roaming\brave as it also makes getting going again easier after a win 10 update trashes everything.


Hi @Fw190,

Currently there’s no option to set that. An issue logged for brave-core (mean will not fixed fir the current Brave, but coming to or after Brave 1.0).

And for portable version



Thanks for all the info.
Brave has some interesting features but don’t think it is the browser for me just yet but will keep checking on progress.


could you try removing the squirrel folder in Local and give that a try. Could you right click on the setup and run as administrator and see if the setup completes.

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