Anti-virus integration


Is it possible to introduce AVG (or another anti-virus) to protect navigation in Brave?
Can you tell me if it still exists a way to have it?
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Lol absolutely not. And if you​ have AVG on your PC, you’d be doing yourself a favor by removing it.


Why shoud I do it? I have Windows as OS, not Linux or Mac. Could you explain me?


There have been numerous cases of third party antivirus software actually increasing the number of ways attackers could “hack” personal computers. They hook into the OS in ways that were never intended by Microsoft, which is why MS has created Windows Defender and included it, on by default, in Windows 8 and 10. Unlike versions of Defender prior to Win 8, it is a full AV program with live protection. Running AVG along side it will only unnecessarily slow your PC. I have never used AV software in general, and have never gotten a virus. Defender has worked fine for me.


PLUS AVG is a useless AV program, when I ran it on my system, I was CONSTANTLY getting viruses! AND it slowed my system down CONSIDERABLY!

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