Anti-Keylogger / Anti Remote Office Program Incorporation in Brave


I am using the Brave App on a Chromebook. It has come to my attention that I have an uninvited group on my email, which they are using to view it by a Remote Office/Screen Viewing program.
This is unfortunate, as there seems to be little way to keep anything I type into the machine private, such as email addresses, usernames or passwords. They also seem to be using a keylogging program along with it.
It would be quite helpful if you would add the option to make Brave impervious to these items as it seems that Google will not do so.
Since they are able to use my Gmail, when they see it on my screen, to enter into their remote program for access, there is little way for me to stop them from not only capturing what I type, but to keep them from moving my screen up and down or them clicking on links and buttons within the pages.
I hope you will consider adding an option under the settings menu to prevent this sort of behaviour, as they are also doing the same with the Gmails I use in my mobile devices. As you can guess, this makes doing any personal or professional business untenuable as far as privacy goes as well as inconvenient and bothersome.
It also renders all Brave’s security measures moot.
Thanks in advance.


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