Another user who has not received payment for December using Uphold

Everything is up to date and verified, I see no reason why I would not have received it, other than they have not been sent.


Previously I have installed brave browser into my laptop. Everything was going fine from January the ads is not coming so I decided to uninstall it and reinstall it and now the problem is I can’t verify my uphold account it says device limit is reached but I am using it only on 3 devices. Still the ad is not coming.

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I haven’t received mine either. On December I git it on the 10th and 11th (desktop and mobile). So this month it was supposed to arrive on the 10th, right?
But not only have I not received any payment, but also do I not see anything like ‘pending’ payment or anything like that.

@JK_bats @bn999nl
There is a problem on the rewards payout recently and many users experienced the said issue that’s why the team look into it and also the reason that rewards are way delayed than usual.

BTW, I finally received my lost reward payout earlier today.

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Do you have Gemini? I do and have not received my payment

Same issue with me too.

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no I don’t have a gemini account… that too has multiple problems lately as posted by some members, you should DM the devs and support so they can look at it too.

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By uninstalling and reinstalling, you’ll probably have a different Wallet address on that device now. You’ll need to submit a request to unlink the old wallet then verify the new wallet (even though it’s the same device).