Another tab suggestion


I’d like to suggest would be when scrolling over tabs, as it previews the page in a shade, what do you think if users have preview selected in settings as well as viewing the page when clicked wouldn’t it be a good idea if in preview mode when scrolling downwards of the other tabs it automatically jumps to full view?
So technically three ways to view a page, one being a slight preview (which you already have implemented), another being after the tab is click and my suggestion of when it is in preview so if anything interests the reader she/he can scroll downwards and after several scrolls it jumps to the page.

I hope you don’t mind me pointing out other issues in the topics I’ve created so far, I only do so because it sort of related and you can amend issues rather than adding additional ones.
That being said the current tab viewing feature lags so much when trying to organise tabs and move tabs in general from one side to the other. Could you possibly fix this before V1.0.0


Drag and drop functionality (tab bar, downloads)

Sounds nifty, but if the user already clicked in the other view, isn’t expected that focus should shift?


Bloody hell @alex you’re like a distant relative that just pops into the house unannounced.

You’re right, I just mentioned it back then as a form of enhancement overtime because the tab area was annoying me and I didn’t want to be rude.

How about this one - Killer idea for tabs and please don’t like it if it’s not a way you’d use the browser. That way I feel like you’re being honest. I’d also appreciate it, if you’d remove the like on this topic.