Another problem with brave (where is my token)

Hello everybody , brave will become me crazy. At the end I delete everything in my laptop because I could not install brave properly, now I have brave again but the problem it is that I do not have my token, where is my token ??? this is very disgusting, before I did not have any recovery my wallet or the phrase for recovery my wallet I only have the 2fa set up auntenticator, but where I can get back my BAT token?? I really do not think that this work and nnobody help meee buff

Hi @ropo,

Are you talking about:

  • BAT at Preferences > Payments
  • or BAT that you received as publisher at publishers dashboard [1]?


I installed brave 5 mounth ago and I sent to my wallet in the navigator 137 BAT. The point is that for I keep my wallet before I needed the 2fa google authentication. After 2 mouth brave give me trouble in my computer and It did not open brave anymore, then, I reset my computer and reinstall the new window. Right now, only appear in uphold 25 BAT for 1 people that I added to use the brave navigator for the affiliate program and in the brave navigator they asked me for the phrase for recover my wallet. The problem it is that when I used brave I did not have this option, only the 2fa google authentication. Where is my 137 BAT ?? please help me, I want to believe that brave it is possible. Thanks

Still without my bat, recovery wallet from 2fa google auntheticathor .