Another non-payment to Uphold

I’ve been verified with Uphold for months now, and again for another month, I’ve not recieved a payout. First it was “Deposit Date: June 8th”, then pending, then “Deposit Date: July 8th”, then again pending, and now it’s “Deposit Date: August 8th”.

Many others, I see, are facing the same issue. What’s the deal?

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same here exactly the same last month i got no payout this month went from payout in progress to august 8th not sure whats the game here for 50usd this seems dumb cant imagine if you have a large payout pending lol good luck im starting to think these people dont payout turn off ads and just use the browser for the ad blocking sense the ads rewards are useless no payout yet if anything changes i will gladly update my post but doesnt seem legit these people oh and ive been verified on uphold since march or april of this year so thats not it cuz ive seen them ping pong people with that excuse

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