Another month with no ad rewards

I’m tired of the ticket, wait, repeat montly cycle. if you guys are never actually going to fix the payments just say so and I will disable ads.

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Same thing happened to me.

September no rewards October no rewards.

Filed a ticket but probably just gonna get the same run around. “Fixed will appear next month”. Its next month and I got NONE of the previous BAT for this cycles BAT.

that’s what I expect. I’ll just spend this next month bitching about it on twitter

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Are you guys flagged?
To check, try Verifying, if you’re flagged you’ll get an error saying so.

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Votre compte a était signaler comme moi mais pk je ne c pas

update: just had a brave talk session with one of the engineering team, he’s looking into my case. should know more in a day or two.

Yes my account is flagged. So far Brave has not gotten back to me. However I did file a ticket: 164046

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update, I was unflagged today and sent some bat for the trouble. hopefully it will work properly next month.

there is hope my flagged brothers and sisters, keep at it.

Having the same problem for the last three months. No, add payments. Not sure what they are up to?

have you filed a ticket?

well month 3 and still not fixed. I’m done bothering with the ads, disabled and moving on. I’ll keep using the browser, but the rewards program is sh!t.

@lowner, are you on Uphold?

Otherwise, payouts are still in progress: Ads Payout Status Update

@chriscat yes, verified with uphold.

edit: brave support has sent BAT and has team investing again. I turned ads back on for one device, see how it goes.

Time for another chapter in the ongoing adventure of a flagged insomniac shut-in…

today I was flagged again, then unflagged again (thanks to Mr. Eich and Brave support on twitter) I have also been assured by both that I will not be flagged in the future, period.

Here’s hoping for a happy new year.

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