Another issue of Brave with BAT but not showing on verified Upload wallet

Hi -

I have read through many tickets showing this same issue but have not found a valid resolution. It seems people post an image of proof the the ticket must have been resolved off forum.

Anyhow, I am posting this here in hopes I can resolve my issue. I am using Brave Version 1.5.86 Chromium: 80.0.3987.87 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)]( and have a positive balance.

I have verified my wallet on Uphold and have successfully transferred a small amount of BAT to test it. Worked great. However, I still have a balance of BAT in Brave that is not syncing with Uphold. Uphold still shows 0 funds available.

I have read through various documentation, backed up and restored my wallet, read through the forums and still can’t find any info on this.

Also - my BAT is from rewards from watching ads over the last several months.

Thank in advance for any help.


P.S. Here’s a sample link of my issue:

Screenshot showing my current BAT balance in Brave:

Screenshot showing balance on Uphold home page:

Screenshot showing balance on BAT card in Uphold:


Same for me,

200.7 BAT on Brave Rewards
33.15 BAT on my Uphold Brave Browser account

What is happening? And how can we get all of our BAT?

I spoke with Uphold and they claim this is a Brave issue to be taken up with them. They also provided me with the following contact info:

Contact Brave support directly at, or browse their FAQ for more details:

We’ll see how this goes…

Another clue - I have been using Brave for 10 months or so. I started out on the Dev version of the browser and still use it, and keep it updated. It seems like I have a lot of BAT stored in the dev browser that is not being sync’d to my wallet.

If I restore my wallet to a new version of Brave I have 0 balance. Yet backing up the wallet on dev, deleting and restoring from seed my balance shows back up.

The issue you describe may be related to the 3-wallet limit for the two-way wallet. There is some information about it in this recent post:

Other members are waiting for a further response to the post from Brave.

Thanks for the link. I’m a bit confused because I’ve been collecting BAT for almost a year now and finally the other day verified my wallet. So I am not sure if I have more than one wallet.

According to the Brave team they mentioned 4 months ago that they were working on a fix to get this ‘stuck’ BAT transferrable to Uphold, but it seems there may still be an issue.

I’ve tried doing fresh installs and restoring from seed but nothing changes. I still see my BAT dangling in front of my face and I can’t get it. Ahg! hehe

One possible way to tell how many linked wallets you have is by the number of individual “Brave Browser” cards you have in Uphold.


They all look identical, which is confusing, but if you have multiple “Brave Browser” cards in your Uphold account, then you may have already linked 3 wallets for withdrawal (even inadvertently like it appears most people here did). Apart from seeing a Brave Browser card with 0.00 BAT when you try to withdraw to Uphold, there is no indication that I’m aware of that tells you that you’ve reached your linked wallet limit for withdrawals.

There must be a way to unlink wallets, or increase the limit, otherwise every developer at Brave who QAs is in the same boat as the end-users who unknowingly hit their 3-wallet limit while testing with the dev builds.

I hope this issue gets fixed but don’t necessarily want to tie up anyone on a support issue goose chase.

I just tested and realized I can still tip creators so as long as that’s up and running I’m good. I’ll keep an eye on a fix for this issue but in the mean time may end up using up the funds on tipping.

Speaking of which - it would be cool if this discourse would support tips on answers.

I’ve got similar problem

In the browser I have 150 bat, in the wallet I have 50 bat (on opening uphold account I received 30 and 20 from unknown to me sources)…

I bet they’ll fix it when bat drops back down by 60%…