Another efficient built-in 'option' for Tab Viewing and URL/link Saving


I was wondering could you explore the option of implementing such an ‘option’ not feature extension -

I also saw this in a presentation of ethereum browser where he talked about browsers being inefficient relating to tabs and browsing in general and the format was similar to the link provided and it made sense.

There’s also no simpler ways of saving articles for viewing later unless you open a link and bookmark it or right-click and save it elsewhere both of which are time consuming so was wondering if you could also explore the option of this -

Just typing this made me think if there would be any use of SessionBuddy if there is I’m sure you can come up with a way of linking them together.

I emphasize ‘option’ because currently the alternative browsers offer similar functions as addons/extensions sometimes which can look out of place because it doesn’t come as standard and slightly intrusive as they monitor user interactivity though they stress details of the tabs or meta attributes are not collected.
So could you implement such and option which I’m certain many users would want because there is absolutely no efficient way of saving URLs/links for later viewing so it doesn’t hog the system or load immediately in the browser (in case a user wants to view it privately later)

One other other thing unrelated to the topic is I noticed that more often than none youtube videos in Brave does this thing when you exit out of full screen which sort of looks good. I’ll explain, there’s this addon/extension called Turn Off The Lights which basically darken all the sides of webpage in which a video is playing. I noticed similarly to this feature which sort of eases the view for users whether Brave could implement a third viewing point for videos. If you’ll notice there a standard small screen view, another medium sized view which darkens only the left and right sides of the video and then there’s the full screen. When you exit full screen in Brave, it practically fill most of the webpage and was wondering could there be solution for Brave to offer this as an option. Could you possibly watch something in Brave on full screen temporarily and then exit full screen, you’ll notice briefly when exiting the video neatly Brave without it being too much of an inconvenience. Tell me what you think.


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A solid notion for the side panel. Thanks!