Another "Can't import form Chrome" thread - Passwords or Bookmarks


I have just installed Brave for first time, and selected the option to import all from Chrome.

Seems that in Chrome, there is only 1 entry for passwords (which did import), but all the rest are kept in the Google account, which seems cannot be exported. (I had found info telling how to export…but things mush have changed, as there is no ‘flag’ for export now).

I find that none of the bookmarks imported either.

Are imports of this stuff now not going to work? Or do you have any suggestions? (I have searched the threads here on the topic, and not finding anything of help. The blue topics at the right of this entry are pretty old, so not inclined to follow them).

NOTE: on the tags, it says “select or create”. I don’t find a tag that I consider appropriate, and find no way to create one for ‘import’, so I just chose ‘bug’.



Can you tell me what OS you’re using, as well as what Brave version?
Testing on my end, I was able to successfully import my Chrome data to Brave on macOS. However, we have had issues with the importer in the past. First,

  • For Passwords, can you try the import function again and try importing the passwords you want but ensure that the passwords option is the only box checked?
  • Repeat this for bookmarks. If unsuccessful (should work!), you can alternatively export your bookmarks as an HTML file in Chrome and Import them into Brave that way.

Let me know if this works.

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Closed in favor of “master” issue below.
Even if you’ve already reported this issue before – reply here with some details about what did (or did not) get imported when they tried using the importer if you’d like to help us get this issue resolved: