Anonymous BAT wallets in Brave

Please allow Brave rewards to be anonymous. This is how I can see it working

You can create a wallet within your browser, the browser will securely store your private key

You will be unable to view your private key and public keys

Your wallet will not have a send/receive button

To get BAT added to your wallet, you will have to watch ads built into Brave

You can choose in your rewards settings what websites the BAT is sent to every month or so

I would like to take part in using BAT and rewarding content creators but I do not want to give up any privacy when doing so. By making the anonymous BAT wallets unable to send/receive BAT will allow it to only be used within the rewards system and not for personal investing and will eliminate money laundering since the BAT will essentially be frozen in the browser and can only be spend on websites and content creators and only received by watching ads. The user cannot top off their wallets and the user cannot send their BAT to another wallet or sell them on an exchange.

Maybe you missed this announcement, @3sofiane618e? Release 0.69 brings 2-way user wallets to Brave Rewards

With the latest release, you can cash-out BAT you earned from Brave Ads through Brave’s partner, Uphold.

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