Annoying glitch I discovered

Hi! I noticed that was very, very slow, which I thought was bc of new traffic (I’m sure that too.) So I waited and waited and waited… and whilst in the doldrums, I noticed there was a red exclamation point next to the address bar, so I clicked on it (what the heck, I’m Brave.) Going in now, I explored the cookies option. Suddenly, the red exclamation point turned into a lock and the content flowed like manna from heaven. Gleefully, I went to close the box and met my doom. How do i get rid of the “cookies in use” box that appears over the content you waited forever to load? It WON’T GO AWAY! There’s no way to close it that I can see. I would love to know having gone this far.

This is on the Dissenter browser, btw.

Dissenter browser not supported here, also hasn’t been updated for some time. Re-test in Brave.

Regarding Gab, I can confirm it is slow (server side issues).

Thank you. I was told that Dissenter was a secure browser, so I thought I’d try it. I already have Brave and it wasn’t clear which one was the most recent, I assumed Dissenter was the beta under a new name for Brave. I was also tired. Sticking with Brave now.

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