Annoying download bubbles

Can you please please make an option to remove this extremely annoying notification bubbles that were introduced recently, it’s such useless feature I can’t understand why something like that were ever introduced. Makes me think the devs don’t use their own browser xD I would also like to know when the stack view coming back? Or it’s already forgotten?

Maybe it would be nice to attach a screenshot to know what kind of bubbles you are talking about.
My Brave browser shows downloads exactly the same way as Chrome and Edge.

These ones, which it shows while start downloading something and needs to be swiped off and after it finishes the download it shows again and needs to swiped off again…

Funny images … looks like I have seen them before :slight_smile:

Check this article out and see if you have something similar in your android settings.

I don’t get those bubbles, but I also don’t find that option in my android settings.

Also check this comment. It may help. Again, I do not find this one in my Brave.

Yeah I just didn’t feel like getting new prints since it’s the same issue lol

For the article, I have already tried that, It doesn’t seems like it’s an Android thing but from Brave itself, I just wish that there was an option to bring back how it was before…it’s frustrating how these bubbles bothers while browsing :confused:

I agree, but in the meantime, I just swipe left to dismiss. You can still find the download status by pulling down the window shade.