Annoying anti-ad blocker message on Android

Good morning, from the Spanish community of Forocoches, many users are reporting complaints on Android about this message that appears on the web among others. On PC you solve the problem but on Android those annoying messages that detect ad blockers continue to appear. I don’t know if you can solve it on said website and the like. Thanks a lot.

I just entered the link you provided and it seems to work normally, maybe it already got fixed

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Have you entered from Android? From the PC it was solved but from Android the problem persists. I just checked with the latest version of Brave for Android and on Forocoches users keep reporting the same problem. A greeting.

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yes, I did it on android
And just now I did it again, this how I see it.

*Brave community doesn’t allow me to upload screenshots, I don’t know why

Curiously, I never get those kind of message on android only on pc

Lets give it 24-48hrs, I’ve updated a potential fix in Brave

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Same here. It works (Android)

It seems the problem has been resolved, thank you.

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