Annoyed brave forum user

Dear brave forum staff, a brave forum user has incorrectly marked my latest post as spam twice. He has commented that I’ve talked about the same thing before. Yes, I have posted different times about the same subject. The person, who’s flagged my latest post twice, as I know from his comments to one of my posts, cannot stand criticism. Since he can’t stand me criticising, he continues to flag my posts. Please, stop this user from flagging my post. This user stops other forum users from saying what they think about brave.
In his comment to my post, which the user flagged twice, he clearly states that he’s annoyed with me for criticising.

What were your messages about?

He’s provided feedback in the past saying that Brave should be faster, which was good. Then he tried posting saying his browser was too slow, to which staff from Brave responded and asked him for information, but he ignored them.

Then he posted again, making claims that Brave is only focused on privacy and that the speed/latency was bad. I responded to have the discussion with him on it and even linked where many sources have ranked Brave as faster than most other browsers. I asked Jordy to provide sources for his claim that Brave doesn’t focus on speed and that there was an issue with it, to which Jordy refused.

Then, not even a week later, he makes another post on the same thing. So essentially creating many duplicate posts complaining but only wanting to do that, to complain and argue, make false claims, etc.

They’re about criticism on brave’s latency performance. A certain brave forum user can’t stand me criticizing.

It’s a pretty weird story. I didn’t see that on the Brave forum. :thinking:

If talking to me:

Like I said, feedback/opinion is good at first. But then it turns into something else as you just keep it going. Where you can see there’s really no answer good enough and he’s just here to complain is:

So going to that, experiencing no issues but just wants to keep posting to say Brave should be faster and is putting too much focus on Privacy. It’s like, :man_facepalming:

His latest response involves a facepalm emoji out of being annoyed with my criticism. You always see people name-calling/using emojis to talk down on somebody, when they lack any valid argument

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