Annotate Fake News


We’ve built an extension that annotates news sources based on its classification type. Our engineers are the same people who built the official addons for digg, delicious, Yahoo!, eBay, PayPal and Google. And they built so, it’s well engineered and really shows how to make use of our API - which is our request. I’m the Founder, CEO and co-instigated the creation of the W3C Standard for Content Labeling, formally replacing PICS in 2009. Would love to see you annotate news - by allow users to select which categories they’d like to highlight - so they can avoid false information in order to make better informed choices.

Here’s the Chrome extension with a FF one coming in a day or two


Hi @paulwalsh

I have logged your extension request, it can be tracked at the link below. I am closing this thread, if you have additional requests you can check the link below to see if they have been added. If not, please feel free to open a new thread for each request. Thanks for your feedback!


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