Animations should be optional

This is what prompted me to make this post: I noticed the tab tooltip has a slight animation to make it look like the tooltip is following the user around when the user hovers over adjacent tabs. The animation in the search bar of the settings menu didn’t bother me since I’m generally not in settings when I work. However, any animation tends to get in the way when I’m working. They make me feel like my browser is lagging and that causes a distraction. It breaks work flow. When I work I want things to happen now, not in 0.25, 0.5 or 1 arbitrary second.

Therefore I’m making this suggestion early before more animations get added. I’d like to have the option to turn ALL animations off. If you need more of an incentive I’ll give you one. This is an uncommon feature in most web browsers, but it is requested! When I’m trying to get something done I don’t want animations to distract me or slow me down. Chrome has had a ticket requesting this feature forever. Firefox and Opera only allow you to turn off some animations (and you’ve got to do that by editing the variables yourself). As far as I know only Vivaldi allow you to turn off exactly ALL of them, and have a settings option to do so.

This is a Firefox support ticket concerning this:

This is the largely ignored Chrome ticket:

If you’re going to add more animations in the future, please add an option that allows me to turn them all off.