Animation and scrolling lag on iPhone

There is scrolling and animation lag / shutters when using for iOS. I’m on iphone 11 and 13 pro and there is scrolling lag on both iPhones. Quite unbearable if you’d ask me.

There is also animation lag, for example when there is a checkbox that pops up (like on Google accounts - clearing search history) and on YouTube and other websites. Is there any way to fix this lag or will the devs be releasing a patch to this lag?

I am sure that the phone is not the problem because safari is buttery smooth, in almost everything (scrolling and such) it’s really smoothed out. I’m using brave because of its as blocking features and it’s fingerprinting, but with these animation and scrolling lag and sometimes shutters, I might have to switch back to safari for iOS.

Current iOS: 15.7.

In brave://flags and disable all “accelerated” options. (and retest)
In brave://flags and disable “Vulkan” option. (and retest)

Hey, if possible try the above. These work for android, not sure if they’ll work on iOS or iOS even has these.

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