[Android] When a new tab is created with shortcut CTRL + T (physical keyboard) move the text cursor into the address bar so I can immediately type my search (like on Desktop app)

I have a Samsung S7+ tablet and love the Brave browser but when I create a new tab by pressing CTRL + T the focus is not moved to the text input box of the new tab and so if I start typing it does nothing. You have to either manually touch the address / search bar or press CTRL + L, to move focus to it before typing.

No Android browser I have come across handles this properly and it’s really annoying. I cannot see a case against this “feature”, it just seems like an oversight for Android keyboard users.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Connect a keyboard to an Android device
  2. Launch Brave browser
  3. Use CTRL + T shortcut to open a new tab
  4. Begin typing and observe that text does not enter the search box of the new tab as expected
  5. (workaround) Press CTRL + L to move focus to the search box

Update: I have found that Microsoft Edge browser supports this behaviour and have moved over to it for now despite preferring Brave generally because it supports background play of music / videos.