Android: updated to latest and still no option to link to uphold or withdraw, all Bat tokens missing

Using Android: I’ve updated to latest version, since a few updates ago when I notice bat accrued from ads has all dissapeaerd, I had about 250. So after updating to the latest version, there is still no option in the bro wser to withdraw, link uphold. all my Bat tokens are missing, bar this remonths accreditation. The old bat rewards from ads watched show up on the list on previous months in the history, but the balance still is 0. Please help. Much apreciated. I’ve since signed up with an uphold account… I have no option to link it still.

Hi @Ashroadrash - thanks for reporting. This is a known issue that is currently being tracked by the team. When you have a moment please update to the latest version. Once you do, if you’re able, please follow these steps: Settings->Developer options->Rewards Debug->Export Rewards Database

And send your exported database - this will help us to better understand the issue. I assure you that we’ll get to the bottom of this. Thank you!