Android tablet can't join sync chain

My Yoga Smart Tablet running Android 9 can’t join a sync chain.

I have an existing sync chain between my Windows 10 PC and Android 10 mobile phone.
I want to add my android tablet to the chain but it isn’t working, neither through using QR code or entering the sync code words.

If I try adding the QR code, the tablet takes a picture of the QR displayed on my phone or desktop (tried both) automatically, as soon as it sees the QR code, even though it isn’t focussed properly. Hence I assume it doesn’t get a correct reading as nothing happens after the picture is taken.

If I enter the 24 words nothing happens when I press the Confirm button. The screen stays the same as per the attached picture, no matter how many times I press the confirm button.

If I cancel and go back to settings and press sync to to try again I get to the add a device screen and can’t retry. I have to go into App info in Android system settings, delete all data, cache, etc and restart again. Nothing happens.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Have an existing sync chain set up that another android device wants to join (Lenovo Yoga Smart tablet in my case)
  2. On your PC or exisiting sync android device, select to add another device to the chain via scan QR code or enter code words
  3. On the tablet open Bravo, go to Settings, sync and attempt to join an exisiting syn chain using the method chosen in step 2.
  4. Neither QR code add or smart words add works. Camera takes QR code before it’s in focus, and adding smart words and pressing continue doesn’t do anything

Expected result:
Camera doesn’t take photo until code is in focus - or the user can manually take the picture when focussed, not automatically.
Entering the correct code words and pressing Continue attempts to join the sync queue, instead of nothing happening.
If you’ve failed to join a sync queue you should be able to reset and start over without having to clear all cache and data in Android app system settings.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
I’ve tried both the latest normal android and beta android browsers with same results - see screenshots attached
Brave 1.10.99 and Beta 1.11.93

Mobile Device details
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tablet YT-X705F Android 9

Additional Information:

Sync v2 is coming. When it’s available on stable release, you’ll need to create new sync chain.

Which I believe v2 should fix your issue too.

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