Android Sync failure

Part of the Sync is not working for my android phone with the latest Brave app downloaded from Play. Syncing the bookmarks & browser history work great, but the opened tabs will not sync no matter what I try, or how many times I remove & reconnect my phone to the chain.

With account synchronization off for my phone the bookmarks & history synced quickly, but never the opened tabs on my laptop. Turning on account synchronization for my phone still did not sync the open the tabs on my laptop.

Reinstalling Brave on my phone, as noted below, turning on the phone account synchronization & rejoining the chain as new device still would not sync the Open Tabs from my laptop.

For my phone I uninstalled Brave, ran Smart Cleaning, cleared the phone app cache, ran SD Maid pro to make sure any extra Brave files were removed, shut the phone down for several minutes, then reinstalled Brave.

Did that at least 3 different times & the Open Tabs on my laptop never Synced even though the Bookmarks & History synced right away. Twice I waited about 10 minutes for the Tabs to sync & they never did.

PC: Windows 11 Home 64-bit 21H2; Brave 1.44.112

Phone: Android 9.0; LG-H932; Never rooted; Brave 1.44.114

After more trouble shooting, I may have figured out the problem. After scanning the QR Sync code on my laptop screen the list of synced devices appears on the phone screen, with the laptop & phone listed.

At the bottom of the screen is Add New Devices & below that Data Preferences. I tapped Data Preferences & only Bookmarks was selected to sync, but not History & Open Tabs.

On my laptop I selected to sync all 3, so why was only 1 item selected to sync on my phone? Maybe that’s a programming error that needs to be fixed. Because yesterday even though I didn’t know to tap Data Preferences, Bookmarks & History synced, but not Open Tabs, which started all this.

Without your encouragement to check other settings, I may have never figured this out. Thanks for the help. (Next is everything I typed before the solution above.)

Any time an app isn’t working correctly the first step is to always uninstall the app, clear the phone app cache & restart the phone. This has been standard practice since apps started being used a decade ago.

In some cases there will be no other support given until those steps have been completed. Because at least half the time removing an app & reinstalling will fix a problem.

Thanks for the the brave://sync-internals link. I opened it & there’s a lot of data, but I don’t know how to interpret it or what to look for. For Brave on my PC I have sync turned on for Bookmarks, History & Open Tabs.

Just because some of the data syncs doesn’t guarantee all of it will. All of this stuff is stored on physical devices with physical cabling between them. Any part of that can malfunction or fail anytime. Also don’t forget that human’s have to type all the code to make all this work with the physical hardware. A lot of room for error there.

It’s shocking how many large corporate websites I encounter with simple mistakes & errors that are overlooked by so-called professionals who are probably highly educated & paid for IT & programming.

One common mistake I see on websites, even those by large corporations, is a password will work to sign-in, but not work for other parts of the site. For example, a password changing page that won’t accept the password just used for signing in.

Another common problem is websites allowing an account to be created with a password that doesn’t work for the account sign-in page. Because of that, after I create an account I sign-in & out at least twice & clear the browser history in-between to make sure the password works like it should.

What’s appalling is some companies will acknowledge problems with their site & follow that by saying they’re not going to fix it.

The only thing that keeps all of this technology working is people that care enough to do the job they’re paid to do. If someone doesn’t want to make the effort to fix something we all suffer as end users.