Android switch from Beta to Stable

I’ve been using the Beta android app for some time.

But its getting to the point where its not useable anymore, so i want to switch back to the stabel version.

My question is, how do i move all my earned BAT over to the stable version?
I cant verify my wallet on the stable version because a minimum 25 BAT is required…so i have to wait before i can withdraw again (and as others are posting the number of ads being served is massively reduced lately)

Secondly, when (if) i reach the 25BAT to verify my wallet, can i link my uphold account same as in the beta, and withdraw from the stable?

Hi @RichWallace, thanks for reaching out.
Unfortunately, the only way to backup/move your BAT would be to connect to Uphold. So you will have to wait till you get 25 BAT to connect to Uphold.
If you download stable, you will also have to wait till that wallet also reaches 25 BAT to connect again to Uphold.

Ok, seems a bit lame tbh
My wallet is already verified on the beta app
Yet i cant verify on the stable?
So I guess I have to stop using the beta, wait until they are all paid out and switch to stable?

You can verify on Stable after 25 BAT, so yes. If you wanted to switch to Stable you’ll have to wait till you get 25 BAT in the Beta wallet and then move to Stable. Then get another 25 BAT and then connect the stable wallet.

sorry, maybe im not being clear.
my wallet in the beta app is already verified, and ive received a few payouts now, which is great.
I think i follow though, fundamantally I have to ‘start again’ in the stable app in terms of earning BAT to hit the 25 min to verify
even though i already have a verified wallet in the beta app

Yeah, you wont be able connect to Uphold till you get another 25

Ok, understood
Seems a bit daft imho.

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