Android: Simplified view always active


The issue below was closed 2 days ago, but I still have the same problem in version 1.0.54.


Still have this on 1.0.55(RC1) too.


Can either of you provide example URLs where you see this?



Hi Lauren.

I see this on any URL.
It hides on scrolling page down, but re-appears when you scroll back up.

I have Acer A3-A40 (Android 6.0). Although I can guess that it’s independent upon OS version. :wink:


@dayfuaim Thanks for the additional info. Do you have the Simplified checkbox selected in Settings?


No. It is unchecked. Right from the start.
(Sorry for delay)


Thanks @dayfuaim!

@Mattches could you give this a try? I have not been able to reproduce as of yet :frowning:


@LaurenWags I’m also unable to reproduce the issue.
@Haggi, I’d like to clarify:

Are you implying that the notification/offer for simplified view appear on every website, or does it appear on every website where a simplified view is supported? Additionally, does the behavior persist if:

  • The web page is reloaded?
  • If the tab(s) are closed/reopened?

For the questions:

  1. Yes, it appears on every website.
  2. Page reloaded: YES.
  3. Tabs closed/reopened: YES.

@dayfuaim, what happens when you tap the ‘x’ on the right side of the notification?


Notification closes until I reload this page.

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