Android reports Brave crashing in background following OS language change; ad notifications are no longer received

Description of the issue:

Following an OS language change on an Android device with Brave and Brave Rewards set up, Brave seems to crash when trying to send ad notifications.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Set up Brave Browser and Brave Rewards on an Android phone
  2. Change your phone’s language
  3. Brave ad notifications will no longer be received. Depending on your device, Brave may also be reported to be crashing in the background despite no evidence of any crashes, beyond the lack of ad notifications.

Expected result:

I would expect Brave to continue to be able to send ad notifications no matter what language the phone is in, and would expect it to not crash when attempting to do so following an OS language change

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.7.0

Mobile Device details

Samsung Galaxy S10e with Android 10, January security patch.

Additional Information:

The only evidence that I have of Brave crashing is Samsung’s “Device Care” functionality, which suggests apps to “put to sleep”. Following an OS level language change, Device Care eventually starts suggesting Brave be “put to sleep” as a result of what it claims is constant crashing of the app. These crashes seem to only happen in the background, and I believe it is crashing when trying to send ad notifications. Resetting Brave Rewards with the phone in the language I had changed to allows me to receive ad notifications, but if I change languages again, the crashes are reported in device care again. I should note that I also encountered an error resetting Brave Rewards, despite the fact that it did seem to reset.

Can you tell which language the device was set to first and what language did you change it too? Also was Brave running in background when you tried changing the language? Were there any ads in the notification tray when the locale got changed?

The phone was originally in English (US), and then was changed to Japanese. The second time this happened, when I had reset Brave Rewards, the phone went from Japanese to English (Canada), and then back to Japanese again. Brave was not running in the background, and I had no ad notification in the notification tray at the time in either case.

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