Android November Claims Status of BAT disappears after No. of days countdown

First time I have this problem: Claiming BATS at the end of the month on my Android device that is kept on that device. The bats would then stay on the device until I would tip them out (usually to myself) As Brave’s sync option for a long time was non-functional and required 25 BAT accumulated to put them in a wallet. The work-around worked well for those I would accumulate Android devices. Maybe the update is connecting my BATS earned with my desktop device which is connected to a wallet (Uphold) ?? It was odd that under Android’s Brave Rewards page, there was a daily countdown to “Claim” bats. when it got to less than 1, instead of CLAIM BATS, it simply reset. I have no proof of the 4 BAT my android device earned November. It showed like a balance of .5 bat on that and a laptop. I notice a verify wallet now on the android device. I connect from there from that device, so I have some devices that deposited .5 bat for past balances, but my November 4 BATs earned on my primary Android phone appear to be lost. How can I recover ?

If you have been self-tipping your own channels, then your wallet is likely flagged by our system. Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID for the affected device, found on your brave://rewards-internals page so I can take a closer look?


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I remember when I first downloaded Brave over a year or so ago, I liked the idea of earning crypto thru regular browsing, whether it is done my PC, Laptops, Anodrid phones, or tablets. I started first on my desktop. Read the instructions, learned about BATs and thought “these guys are on to something”. Only one thing: There was no “Sync” option. I am wondering then, how do I get my android BATs over to me without opening 4 - 5 different wallets? Besides, 25 Bat was needed on EACH device to do that. It wasn’t like Uphold was a great option either, but what could be done? I presented this issue on some thread and was instructed that the “work around” for now was “tipping” oneself; I though it was coming from a Brave moderator himself. I thought, “Ok, first, I get the advantage of being a Brave creator, plus I have a secure place to put my BAT” at least until the whole synch option is ironed out.

So, are you saying with the “verify wallet” that is now allows you to link your wallet, is this all mitigated? Is this going to put all my BATs earned at risk?

Oh, btw, transferring BAT on wallets like Uphold, etc. costs around 20 BATS. If this is to be a token or cypto currency and you have to pay 10-20% to transfer them around, doesn’t it cease to be a currency or fungible token? Does the new Brave wallet have the same costs to your knowledge?

I will DM you once I hear back and if you can confirm no past BATS earned this way are at risk? I didn’t know it was even something not permitted.

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