Android - no option to verify

I am seeing people share screenshots with a button on the brave rewards tab to verify with uphold on android. I am not seeing any difference on version 1.10.94.

I have a P20 Lite phone on Android 9. Please assist.

Hi @Gotten123 - can you share a screenshot of what you see? Thanks in advance!


Hi @steeven, you told me to wait for the update for the phone, but the update came again, the award button does not work. When I request a reward, I get an unexpected error. Please try again later.

@Gotten123 the button is available via BAT triangle icon at URL bar.

For me in my android Redmi note 7 pro it is available.

This is what I get

@Gotten123 click that X close button at the upper right of the message.

Ahh! it closes. It wasnt accurate to touch but i kept mashing it and it closed and now I can finally verify it.

Thank you everyone.

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