Android mobile version is not tab-based despite advertising


Android 7.1.1
Brave 1.0.44

  • Brave advertises that “Brave for Android is Brave’s tab-based browser” and even includes pictures of a browser with tabs (attached). Despite this, the browser actually collects windows in the background that are not visible while in the browser. That is not tab-based. I only mention this here because the developers asked me to.


Thanks @ErixTheRed

@sriram do you know if those screenshots are from a tablet version?


Yes that is a screenshot of Brave for Android on a tablet. I guess its the same for all tab based browsers. On a tablet it shows up as tabs but on a mobile device it shows up as windows


Well that’s unfortunate. Could we get a tabs option for mobile? Dolphin Browser pulls it off and I’d love to move away from that.


I entered a request for it and have asked development to review:



Thank you very much, Lauren.

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