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Description of the issue:
According to the wiki, Brave only requests the location if some website requests it. Since the latest update though, Brave asks for location permission even when started without loading a website. How come?

Reproduces how often:

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in Settings):

Mobile Device details
OnePlus One - LineageOS 16.0


I can confirm this behaviour.
A privacy focused browser requesting my location at every startup sounds like a joke to me.


Brave doesn’t ask for location @ startup

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In my case it does not ask me for location almost at any time and in the cases that it has done it I have not been able to confirm due to the existing problem that the pop-up window is frozen.

Of course you won’t get a location request dialog if you accepted or denied location access by Brave. Like @seth123 I’m running LineageOS which has the Trust feature and depending on configuration may ask and inform you about the requests even if Brave got the location permission.

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I insist, I cannot confirm or deny website push notifications, nor confirm or deny website placement request, Due to the freezing of the dedicated popup window.

This issue is not about freezes of popups, but about Brave requesting location without a reason.

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Did some more testing: Brave asks for location every time I regain connection.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put phone in airplane mode.
  2. Open arbitrary website in Brave.
  3. Activate Wi-Fi.
  4. Go to Brave. It will now ask for your location about three times.
  5. De-activate Wi-Fi, go to step 3.

It actually does not matter if the permission to access my location is blocked in “Site settings”.

I agree with pjul. You might only be able to see these location demands if you are using LineageOS 16.0.

Is there a way to track permission demands like this? For example with adb logcat?

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I’ve got another detail which I didn’t recognize before. The LineageOS Privacy Guard is specifying the type of location permission requested as “Scan Wi-Fi networks”. That’s the explanation why the steps to reproduce as described by @seth123 are related to Wi-Fi activation.
To give some “evidence” and finally get a response by some Brave developer I’m providing a screenshot…

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Thanks @pjul, nice find.

Looks like this thread is going to be closed automatically tomorrow.
I have escalated the issue to GitHub. We should be able to continue discussing this issue there.

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