[Android] Local Backup for Pending Rewards


I’m searching for a way to create a backup of my pending rewards, because I can’t claim them.
The reason is that my SafetyNet does not pass on vanilla Lineage OS 19. Now I want to install Magisk and try to fix the Problem. But by doing so, I will delete all my files and probably Brave data aswell. Now I want to backup my pending rewards.
There should be a folder, where the rewards get stored, but where?

My idea:

I used adb shell to get into ./data/user/0/com.brave.browser/ and copied the folder to my laptop.
Is this the right folder or are the rewards hidden somewhere else?

Thanks in advance!

edit: I found adb backup <some.package.name> but com.brave.browser doesn’t support this feature. Is there a reason for it?

Device details

  • Install type: ARM
  • Device type: Phone, Xiaomi Poco F3
  • Android version: 12, LineageOS 19.1

Brave version

Brave 1.45.116

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