Android - LineageOS 16 - Get Google Play Services Notifications

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone but I installed the LineageOS 16 ROM on it without GAPPs. I installed Brave on it by using the Yalp Store and the Aurora Store which essentially are apps allow you to download and install apps from the Google Play Store without using the Google Play Store app.

Brave works on it but I get this notification when I watch a YouTube video in Brave saying…

Get Google Play Service
Brave won’t run without Get Google Play services, which are missing from your device.

My two questions regarding this are…

Is this a false positive? YouTube works for me and I have had no issues using Brave. Is this error occurring since I do not have GAPPs installed?

Also GAPPs is a Google service that is closed source. Does Brave need this to run, does this mean Brave has some Google code in it that may be tracking Brave users in some way?

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I’m not sure about this. So let me cc @Serg @sriram for assistance here.

Am pretty sure this is a site requirement on Android and not Brave specific. I’ll let @Serg or @Sam to reply to the false positive question

I get these notifications too.

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Try this.
Go to Settings in Brave’s browser. Then Notications under Basics section, Scroll down and uncheck Google Play Services Availability under the section labeled Other

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