Android: Issue with Ads on Google Search

Description of the issue:
I had been having a hard time finding a way to block Google Ads on Google Search on Brave Browser for Android.

On Desktop, it’s very easy to block by using the Custom Filter


However, this custom filter doesn’t work on Android.

Why I’m Trying To Block Google Ads on Google Search?

  • If you have a VPN or DNS that block ads on a DNS level. All the ads you will see on Google Search on Brave Browser for Android are DEAD WEIGHT.

  • You click any of the ads. It will be blocked from loading thus making it useless to be there in the first place and just clutters the Google Search result on Brave Browser for Android.

Exact URL of the website in question:

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off?

Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (yes/no):

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome?

Brave version (check About Brave):

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###tvcap would cause a false positives, I haven’t seen any google ads recently

What we’re blocked via “tvcap” on google.

easylist/easylist_general_hide.txt:###atvcap + #tvcap > .mnr-c > .commercial-unit-mobile-top
easylist/easylist_general_hide.txt:###center_col > #taw > #tvcap > .commercial-unit-desktop-top
easylist/easylist_general_hide.txt:###center_col > #taw > #tvcap > .cu-container > .commercial-unit-desktop-top
easylist/easylist_general_hide.txt:###center_col > #taw > #tvcap > .rscontainer
easylist/easylist_general_hide.txt:###cnt #center_col > #taw > #tvcap > .c._oc._Lp
easylist/easylist_general_hide.txt:###taw > .med + div > #tvcap > .mnr-c:not(.qs-ic) > .commercial-unit-mobile-top
easylist/ > #rcnt > #center_col > #taw > #tvcap > .c

Is this on desktop perhaps?

Not sure about false positives, I have the ##tvcap filter for quite a long time now, and I haven’t seen any Google Ads on Brave Browser for Desktop ever since nor there’s any issue in the search results I receive.

In addition to the recently added Element Picker on Brave Browser. ##tvcap is what it produced when it block Google Ads via Element Picker.

On another topic:
How about on Mobile, any recommended custom filter?

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I give up . (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I’ll switch to Firefox with uBlock Origin instead for my smartphone.

Tried finding all possible filters from doing remote debugging to searching AdGuard Mobile filter rule related to Google Search and none of them work.

That 2 day filter finding was a waste. Sigh.

You’re free to add those filters into brave://adblock

I did add all those filters on brave://adblock. Didn’t work

There’s still ads on Google Search.

These are invalid:

Would be the ones to include into brave://adblock

Yeah. Indeed, but I was trying my best to do trial and error just to find the correct filter or way to block those dead weight ads.

I see them all the time. I can’t click any of them. My VPN and DNS ad/tracker blocker makes loading those ad clicks invalid.

Just try the suggested cosmetic in my post, see how that goes. (the 4 lines I posted, cleaned up from the orginal post)

Okay, I’ll try this now.

Wait… it worked?

I added them, then refresh Google Search. Didn’t work.

But it worked magically after clearing cache and cookies… @_@

EDIT: 2/2
Nvm. I was mistaken the search result from Firefox + uBlock Origin.

Custom filters. Didn’t work. Let me send a screenrecord for reference.

enabled aggressive ads/trackers in shields for google?

Sadly, it doesn’t work even with cosmetic flag enabled.

Here’s the screen recording.
Aggressive Filtering Disabled + Custom Filters Added

Aggressive Filter Enabled + Custom FIlters Added

Okay, I see the issue, needs to be investigate further

Noted on this. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Thank you.

I myself don’t use Google for anything. Especially not searching. The Ad Blockers get old, and don’t update fast enough. There IS an App commonly used with Chrome, and/or Google. You can download Ad Choices, which is an App which will take some time to set up. There are 4 specific Areas that Ads and Trackers generate from. You Opt Out on each by choosing “Opt-out” per each class. However, you must still open up the App, And go Thru the different Ad-choices listed. Sometimes, in say “Jerry’s Lists”, you must choose ALL. I suggest you do this on everything throughout the listed Ad generating lists. I have copied a couple bits of information for you.
“Opt outs provided through this Tool apply to the sale of personal information by participating companies.”
“Brave uses a variety of techniques to protect users’ privacy and security. One such technique is using resource filter lists, or lists of rules that instruct Brave to block URLs associated with online advertising, tracking and malware. Brave draws on popular lists like EasyList and EasyPrivacy, in addition to our own curated set of rules.
Filter lists have proven useful in protecting web users, but they come with drawbacks. Most significantly, these lists are large, and growing larger. This would be great, if each rule proved helpful in blocking unwanted resources. However, applying rules isn’t free: each rule takes time and energy to apply, slowing down the browsing experience and consuming battery life. This suggests a trade-off between utility and breadth, and that we can improve the browsing experience by applying rules only where the expected benefit (number of blocked resources) is sufficient to justify the cost (time and energy spent applying each rule on the web).
We expect that filter lists pick up large numbers of rules that are immediately useful but whose usefulness decreases over time, as advertisers and trackers change URLs, evade trackers, or go out of business. Prior research has found accumulations of no-longer useful rules in other crowdsourced security rule lists, and we expect to find similar results in browser filter lists.”
Expect to set up one particular time when your Battery is full in order to Opt Out of everything you want to. It will take a long time.
Also, investigate which Search engine you use that guarantees more privacy. Often you can find the information you seek on

@SpringAnne You don’t make sense. What you posted is not related to finding ways on how Brave Browser can natively block Google Search Ads.

@fanboynz it seems the poster above is a spammer.

@Fanboynz I assure you, I am Not a Spammer! However, according to 3 Ad & Track Blockers, Your Name definitely shows up.
@A5A2239A I’m sorry if I don’t seem to be of any help to you. However, I copied and Pasted most of the information given from Information about Brave, given By Brave. And from An Application in Google Play called Ad Choices, where it tells you how to Opt Out of Not only Google Search Ads, But Any and All Ads you may come across in Google, Chrome, And Any Browser where you use Google Search. I myself don’t use Google Search unless I have no choice. That @Fanboynz name is Mentioned in the Many Advertisers who Spam you with their Ads, especially on Google Search. All I can tell you, since you don’t seem to be very akin to programming or website building, is Don’t use Google Search. There are Several Search Engines that Block Ads and Trackers.
It’s not nice to come off on the immediate attack like that on someone who knows something about how to block Ads, and Trackers, and is only trying to help you. If you don’t understand what is Said, instead of sending Rude Emails, which is what you did, just ignore it and wait for someone who isn’t so technical rather than being rude.

–Spring A. (AKA Heidi) Robinson.

I checked Google Play Store and I don’t see any apps called Ad Choices

Anyone will get an impression of you being a spammer if you keep using that… uncommon way of structuring your sentences.

I suggest you try to use bullet points to send your message across instead of one big block of text.