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Android install is asking for a lot of permissions. It feels like a whole different animal than the desktop version. Is it possible to install it as a simple web browser and enable the devices and services if and when I come upon an app or web service that I want to use? Even if I would end up with the same configuration, why does a privacy conscious browser start out so aggressive just to install?


Hi @Bennia
Can you please send a screenshot of the permissions in question, or provide a little more info for where you are seeing them?

By default, we don’t require additional permissions, so I would like to make sure I am following correctly.



The app says it needs access to … For me to browse, the app may never need access to my photos. If one day it does, I would like a prompt that explains that I am about to grant access to media with clear explanation of the implications.


Thanks @Bennia - I think I am following, but can you help clarify and let me know:

Are you seeing an alert when installing Brave that says “Brave needs these permissions to run…”

Or, are you being alerted in the process of browsing from different sites, after the installation has taken place?

Brave shouldn’t be telling the user that they are required to allow for any special permissions when installing, so I want to check and see if that is what you are experiencing.

I ran a fresh install after receiving the message, and am not prompted about any additional permissions required for Brave to run, and have checked with our Android team and they have confirmed that additional permissions should not be showing up on install.



Just to make it clear, I attach a screenshot:

@luke.mulks is this the normal permissions when user try to install Brave on Android?

@Bennia Is this what you see when try to install Brave on Android?


Thanks @eljuno - I hadn’t received the same alert for those permissions. Appreciate the screenshot.

Cc: @Serg - the screenshot above is different than what I see on my install (I didn’t get an alert for those permissions)

@Serg: is there any chance that this might be happening regionally, or only happening on first-time installs?


I think it’s not only happening for first-time installs. I re-install Brave and see this permissions.


All permissions come from Chromium, @Bennia Photos/Media/Files it is a standard permission on Android if your app is suppose to save something or read, in Brave’s case it is downloading files from the internet and store them on your device.


@eljuno Thank you. That is what I am talking about. I have not yet installed on android.

@Serge It does not seem right for the app to require access to my camera for me to download a photo off a website. Then, when I take a photo, it should not have anything to do with a web browser, until I choose to open it in the web browser. Also, it seems strange that Brave would duplicate settings from another app, even if it is a derivative of that app. ??


@Bennia Camera permission is needed by WebRTC. WebRTC itself is designed to expose your camera and mic to the browser, so that web-apps can implement video-conferencing and other multimedia solutions in-browser. We are going to work on turn off WebRTC very soon. As I said before Brave is built on Chromium with increased privacy and adblocking, we always work on that and we will in the future.


I am also interested in installing brave on my mobile device but will be waiting till the permission issues are addressed. I don’t like giving access to my camera, microphone or gps. Is there a way you can notify us when this is accomplished?

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