[Android] Immersive fullscreen mode/fullscreen mode without status bar at the top



brave browser on android is a good software, I really enjoy using it.
Thank you for releasing it to the public for free.

However there is a small annoyance: The fullscreen mode isn’t actually
a fullscreen mode, but a mode where the address bar and braves
buttons become hidden.
It would be really great, to have an option in the settings to change this.
Google calls this feature “immersive mode”. In older/some versions of
Android users had the option to enable immersive mode for any app
from the notification area quick settings panel. However Google seems
to have removed this feature as of late.

I understand that not everybody would want to have this, but for me
real world screen estate is quite important, considering how small
most smartphone screens are. Every extra pixel of space counts,
I’m sure you’ll catch my point on that one.




Hi @p1283181

We have a feature request for this entered. You can track it at the link below. I’m going to close this thread. If you have any additional requests please open new threads for them. Thanks for your feedback!


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