Android Flash Support?


Hi, I am wondering if someone can clarify for me… does Brave browser for Android support flash video? I am talking about the ability to watch flash video through the browser on devices with Android 4.1 and newer (when Adobe/Android stopped official support for flash). There are a handful of Android browsers which somehow have managed to build in flash support. Is Brave one of these browsers?

I ask because most of the Q&A around flash for Brave browser seems to be related to desktop OS versions and the Adobe flash test site indicates flash is not installed when I access it with Brave browser on my Android device. I am seeking a suitable browser to replace Dolphin as it constantly crashes now. 2 things Dolphin does that I need in the replacement are force desktop websites and flash video support. I have found the settings in Brave to force desktop websites but flash is eluding me. Cheers!


Brave is Chromium based and does not support Flash on Android. And I should add: It never will support Flash.


Thanks Brave_user, I suspected that was the case. It’s a bit annoying that we are now 5 years on from the termination of flash support for mobile devices and there is still tons of content on the internet that requires flash. There will probably come a time (5 more years from now) when that is no longer the case but until then…


Whatever website still uses Flash today should seriously considered to be a security risk.

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